Coping with a Diagnosis of Dementia

It is likely that at some point in your life, you know someone who has been diagnosed with a Dementia-related disease.  Maybe you have witnessed, or have experienced yourself, what a life-altering event this can be for individuals and their loved ones.  It can create a great deal of fear surrounding the future as symptoms begin to affect daily life more profoundly.  The Alzheimer’s Association defines Dementia as, “…an overall term that describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills severe enough

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Perry Lutheran Home hosts LWML mission partners for semi-annual meeting

The Christian, Caring Community of Perry Lutheran Home was happy to host three LWML meetings over the course of two days. As a mission partner and generous donor toward the newly opened Acorns & Oaks intergenerational, Christian daycare, the LWML got to see first-hand the fruits of this innovative mission that is now possible, in part, through their support.

Two meetings were held on Friday, August 11, in the newly renovated Perry Lutheran Home cottage where staff treated attendees to snacks, appetizers, and dinner. This space is used to accommodate overnight

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Over 160 Pairs of Jeans Collected at PLH to Repurpose into Shoes for Kids in Africa

The Sole Hope used jean drive hosted by Perry Lutheran Home was a great success. Over 160 pairs of jeans were donated to be turned into shoes for children living in jigger infested areas of Uganda, Africa.

“We are so thankful for the donations from the Perry community, staff, residents, and families. It is part of who we are at Perry Lutheran Home, Main and Spring Valley campuses, to be a part of something meaningful and bigger than ourselves. We are a Christian, Caring Community for those not only living with

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Remember the Three E’s when Approaching Senior Care Conversations

Having senior living and care conversations can seem daunting. However, there are ways to approach and have these conversations that can put everyone involved at greater ease. Below are the “Three E’s” to keep in mind when approaching senior care conversations.

1. Start EARLY

The best time to start is now; make it a regular part of conversation so that it’s not an uncomfortable topic that everyone avoids. This helps to ease anxiety, stress, and worry instead of waiting until an emergency situation arise. Keep it short and simple and in a

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Perry Community and Mission Partners in Full Support at Acorns & Oaks Daycare Ribbon Cutting and Blessing Ceremonies

Perry, IA, July 28, 2017– Nearly one hundred people showed overwhelming support for the new, Acorns & Oaks Intergenerational, Christian daycare at Perry Lutheran Home main campus on Thursday, July 27. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place at 8:30 AM and a service of blessing for the daycare at 6:00 PM surrounded by community members, mission partners, staff, residents, and children.

“We are extremely blessed to be located in a supportive community like Perry, Iowa. The impact of this Christ-Centered, Intergenerational mission is something far beyond what we can imagine. On

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6 Signs That Your Loved One May Need Assistance

Do you worry about an elderly loved one living at home?

Consider these six signs that may indicate your loved one is in need of assistance:

1. Self-Care Difficulty

The refusal or inability to shower, change clothes, brush teeth, and other activities of daily living and care.

2. Weight Loss

Unable, unwilling or forgetting to shop for groceries, prepare and cook food, and/or eat.

3. Confusion

When asked simple questions, they cannot answer about where they are, when they last ate, what the date is, etc.

4. Isolation

Physically unable to attend or not interested in social events and

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Intergenerational, Christian Daycare to Open in July in Perry, IA

Perry Lutheran Home and Acorns & Oaks Christian Daycare have partnered together to create a unique, yet perfect, match. Intergenerational programs offer younger and older generations the opportunity to interact, engage, and form connections that benefit both the individuals and the community. This life-enriching mission will provide countless benefits to both residents at Perry Lutheran Home and children at Acorns & Oaks.

“Perry Lutheran Home is one of the very few in Iowa, if not the nation, to offer Intergenerational, Christian Daycare in a long-term care setting. When you think about

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Perry Lutheran Home Launches “Music & Memory” Program for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Residents

Perry Lutheran Home (PLH) announces the launch of a new “Music & Memory” program which brings iPods filled with personalized music selections to residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia to enhance their memories and enrich their lives. Grounded in research about how brains respond to music, the pilot program will engage fourteen Perry Lutheran Home residents who will have the opportunity to benefit from the therapeutic potential of music to tap deep memories and reconnect with the world. Perry Lutheran Home is one of only nineteen “Music & Memory” certified

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Meals from the Heartland + Perry Lutheran Home = Success!

24,192 meals packed in 6.5 hours with over 250 volunteers!

Perry Lutheran Home served as the host organization for a “Meals from the Heartland” event. This event took place on Wednesday, April 5 at Main Campus. Residents, tenants, staff, organizations, service clubs, students, and community members worked alongside one another to package meals. These meals feed undernourished people across the United States, including Iowa, and also in third world countries.

In addition to the meal-packing event, dementia simulations, “Music & Memory” demonstrations, and tours of the upcoming Inter-Generational Childcare project took place.

To package

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2016 Caregiver of the Year Award

Awarded by: LeadingAge Iowa

Presented to: Perry Lutheran Home – Tonya Wadle, CMA/Restorative Aide

This award is presented to a caregiver employed by a LeadingAge Iowa member organization who has demonstrated an exceptional proficiency in the delivery of quality resident care services to the residents of the organization. This category includes, but is not limited to, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, CMAs, and assisted living caregivers.

The recipient of this award will have demonstrated skills, both professional and interpersonal, that exceeded expectations. They will also work to lift up the value of aging services and

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