Inter-Generational Childcare

About Project:

Perry Lutheran Home and Acorns & Oaks Christian Daycare have partnered together to create a unique, yet perfect, match. Intergenerational programs offer younger and older generations the opportunity to interact, engage, and form connections that benefit both the individuals and the community. This life-enriching mission provides countless benefits to both residents at Perry Lutheran Home and children at Acorns & Oaks.

Perry Lutheran Home is one of the very few in Iowa, if not the nation, to offer Intergenerational, Christian Daycare in a long-term care setting. When you think about ways to enrich the lives of those around us, you immediately think about how relationships and connections are so very important to happiness, health and well-being. Acorns & Oaks provides so much to both the children and residents of Perry Lutheran Home.

Intergenerational programs provide benefits when strategically planned and implemented. Older adults can experience enhanced socialization, stimulated learning, increased emotional support, and improved health. Children whom are a part of these kinds of programs see improved academic performance, enhanced social skills, decreased negative behavior, and increased stability.

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May 9, 2017
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